Gabrielle - Personal Branding Session / by Kate Luscombe

Improv comedienne, Actress, Musician

"Like most of us living in an image-obsessed society, I don't always feel great about the way I look. Whenever this anxiety creeps up on me, I immediately book a session with Kate; her work never fails to remind me that there is beauty in all of us and she brings out mine in her stunning photographs. Her instinctive feel for the right location, surroundings, and vibe of what I'm after is always spot on and her friendliness and relaxed attitude puts me at ease. Despite being a performer, I don't always feel comfortable in front of a camera but Kate manages to create a stress-free environment wherever she works and is flexible in her methods. I've done four shoots with her now, each better than the last, and I get so excited when she sends me the finished shots. Through her lens, I look beautiful." - Gabrielle