Keepsakes from your wedding, shoot or event are now available to buy! 

In this digital age where photos are taken and erased at the speed of light, it’s hard to make sure some things stay special. Wedding photos, photographs of your little ones, photos of you and someone you love dearly - all far too special to lose or erase. The beautiful wooden keepsake boxes listed below help you to keep your favourite photographs of your favourite people, or your favourite day, in tact. We can’t hold on to our friends and family forever but photographs can hold so much love and joy and can help us pass on the stories we might forget without them. Let’s treasure and cherish this one life we have.

Here are the options currently available, prints & wall display options and prices coming soon...

OPTION ONE : 8GB USB + wooden keepsake box

A beautiful, branded mini wooden keepsake box + 8GB glass bottle USB

- £100

Make yours personal! Add a personalised design to your box for an added £30

All boxes and bottles can be filled with something special to remind you of your shoot/wedding/occasion - dried flowers, glitter, confetti, sweets, buttons, tissue paper, toys, puzzle pieces, feathers, pom poms - pretty much anything you can think of!


OPTION TWO : 8GB USB + large keepsake box + PRINTS

  • Personalised square box in your choice of wood

  • 8GB glass bottle USB

  • Up to 30 6x4 prints (+ £30 to make them 7x5)

  • Light Oak, Dark Oak, Walnut, Ebony

- £145


- £195


- £245

Walnut + 8GB glass bottle USB + 30 prints

Ebony + 2 x 8GB glass bottle USBs + 30 prints