I'm the third of four girls (sorry Dad!), lover of all things FUNKY (mainly music, definitely not smells), passionate cheerleader of friends and communities and I like to channel my 5-year-old-self when choosing clothing (think dungarees and polka dots). 


Documentaries are my only obsession (my love for Frida Kahlo and TV series Sense8 are close seconds...and confetti...ok I have few!) My hair is all kinds of curly (but I do love to pretend I'm Avril Lavigne every now and then). I can't dance but my feet don't care and I can't not sing along to the radio (who's with me?!).

My dream is to live on a farm with my family. We'd eat together, create together and host mini music festivals! I'd have a gaggle of geese to follow me around, wooly jumpers to keep me warm and the kettle would always be warm. We'd help raise each other's children and swap carrots for cucumbers. 

Road trips.

Wide open spaces.

Breakfast food.

Beach combing.

Coffee flavoured everything.

Unexpected kindness. 

Old photo albums at your parents house with photos missing (sorry Mum!)

I'm not great at small talk but love to dig deep about the meaty things instead. I re-read my favourite books and listen to songs on repeat. I would take fairy lights as my luxury item to my desert island.


I strive to be authentic, trustworthy and fun - and to empower people to find beauty in their own image. This part of my life exists to capture raw emotion, to express creativity and most of all to celebrate life through photography.

Please feel free to contact me using the form below with no obligations - I’d love to hear from you (what would your luxury item be?!).


"Kate is an amazing photographer who we were lucky enough to have for our wedding and a shoot of our 21 month old twins. Kate captured our wedding day perfectly. The pictures are just beautiful and it showed how much time and care she had put into them. The pictures of our twins are gorgeous, she put the children at ease and was warm and friendly throughout. Kate has such a creative talent and has the ability to capture a person perfectly."  -Mrs S