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Meet Hannah & Graham . . .


Hannah & Graham responded to a model call I put out a couple of months ago and, with Hannah being pregnant, I was especially excited to meet and photograph them both - or should I say the three of them! Their journey as a couple is well documented on their extremely popular blog www.chausadventure.com including their pregnancy journey. Their heartfelt and honest post resonated with me and my own journey, and show how loved and longed-for this little baby is. 


In their announcement post, they wrote about the hardships, the confusion and struggle that they experienced whilst trying for a baby.

"15 months went by, an early miscarriage, many tears and many prayers later, we had pretty much given up the idea of having a kid. It had been an intense emotional roller coaster ride for over a year and we weren’t sure how many disappointments we could take. In that time, we have watched many new babies born around us and saw many more pregnancy announcements. As happy as we were for other people, each time it felt like a stab in our hearts."

It's refreshing to read such an honest account of the realities surrounding getting pregnant, and to share in their joy and the brand new journey they're embarking upon as couple and a family of three.


As travel and lifestyle bloggers, Hannah & Graham get to visit some beautiful and iconic places across the globe; Tokyo, Kenya, New York, Milan and Iceland, to name a few! They have visited blue lagoons, rented Hanbok's for the day, gone glacier hiking and are heading to Santorini and Athens this week for their 3rd anniversary/babymoon! If you need any travel advice, recommendations or inspiration their blog is definitely worth a read.


During our shoot Hannah asked if we could take a few photos with this beautiful hand crafted doll from Cuddle+Kind. He is super-cute in his hand-knit crown and dungarees and he is ethically made, but my favourite thing about 'Sebastian the lamb' is that when someone buys him, Cuddle+Kind are able to give 10 meals to children in need...wow! So far they have been able to give 4,245,707 meals from the sale of their dolls and the numbers just keep getting bigger. 

One of my favourite things about my job is that I get to meet you wonderful people. I love hearing your stories, laughing together, sharing and going on a mini creative journey with you all - whether you're getting married, or newly engaged, starting a family or love the one you have, launching your business, new products or getting yourself a fresh online image - it's an honour to share in it with you. 

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